Wierdest blogs on the planet!

I am going to start the first article by listing the top 5 wierdest blogs on earth!!


wierd cat on the ground

1. https://www.breadedcats.com/

It’s all about wierd animals and scary & funny stuff

2. http://hungoverowls.tumblr.com/

This is actually a tumblr site where they have a list of strange owls! Nice or ugly, i do not know what else to call them! hehe

3. http://moustair.tumblr.com/

Another tumblr blog. These guys are hilarious really!  Its like a face into another face, actually a face into the chin’s same face! Click on the above like to see what I am talking about

^^^ hilarious!!

4. http://anorak.co.uk/

Controvertial news site with pop, culture and sports wierdness so to speak. I am not a big fan!

5. http://arbroath.blogspot.com.mt/

Last but not least, it is arbroath, a daily mix of strange news and things happening around us. This is a blogger blog.

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